USS McCaffery (DD860) completion photo

The History of the McCaffery - 1945


Commander Benjamin B. Cheatham took command of USS McCaffery (DD-860) at the commissioning ceremony on 26 July 1945.

The USS McCAFFERY (DD-860) was out of drydock and underway on 4 August 1945 for various shakedown tests. She anchored at Los Angeles on 7 August. A number of minor injuries occurred while preparing to get underway, such as an air hose hitting a crewman in the head, cut fingers and hands.

On 8 August she was underway for a measured mile trial run. On 14 August C.A. Evans, FN, was brought aboard from a schooner after being picked up from the water. He fell from the ship's whaleboat while attempting to catch a mooring line.

After completing her fitting-out period, shakedown training and post shakedown availability, McCaffery departed the West Coast on 8 October for duty with COMDESPAC. On 14 October, she moored in Middle Loch, Pearl Harbor, and was assigned for further training under COMDESPAC to be part of the active Pacific Fleet.

On 25 October, McCAFFERY was underway for escort duty with USS TRIPOLI (CVE-64), enroute to Hilo, Hawaii. She arrived on 26 October to participate in Navy Day celebrations on 27 October. Moored to the dock, she was decked out in full dress from 0800 to sunset, and received visitors from 0900 to 1100 and 1300 to 1700. About 3,000 to 4,000 visitors were received and entertained aboard. In return, some officers and crew were guests at luncheons given by the Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce of Hilo.

McCAFFERY was underway on the 28th with TRIPOLI (CVE-64) and maintained plane guard duties while aircraft were launched planes. McCAFFERY was called upon to rescue personnel from downed aircraft. Later she detached and proceeded independently to Pearl Harbor. On the 29th, while the whaleboat was being lowered to the rail, the forward fall released, causing a crewman to fall overboard. Another seaman received a laceration of the face. The man overboard was picked up by a passing boat and returned to the ship uninjured. The motor whaleboat was taken in tow by a boat from the base, and returned to the yard. McCAFFERY entered the Navy Yard on 29 October, and commenced various repairs.

On 8 November, McCAFFERY was underway to resume operational training under COMDESPAC. Each morning, she sailed to the training area and returned that evening to port at Middle Loch. Exercises were conducted with: USS LAFFEY, USS ARCHERFISH, USS PRAGO, USS OWL, USS DENTURA, USS HENDERSON, USS LOS ANGELES, USS NORRIS, USS HUGH PURVIS, USS TILEFISH, USS HAYNESWORTH, USS DEEDE, and USS ALTAIR. The training continued in Hawaiian waters through December.

On 31 December, McCaffery was moored at Middle Loch, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

SOURCE: USS McCAFFERY -- 1945-1974 by Edward W. (Bill) Maslak