USS McCaffery approaching San Diego, flying "Homeward Bound" pennant, Feb. 1947

History of the McCaffery 1947


On 1 January 1947, McCAFFERY was moored in the Whangpoo River, Shanghai, China. Commanding officer - CDR B.B. Cheatham

On 8 January, she received 578 bags of mail for transport to Tsingtao, China. On 12 January, McCaffery got underway for Tsingtao and arrived on the 13th. Mail bags were off-loaded, she got underway for Hong Kong, and arrived on 16 January. Sea duty being hazardous, accidents happen, such as an amputated finger suffered by a crewman while at work, severe thigh burns suffered by a mess cook when hot grease was spilled, and a lacerated head when an amplifier fell from the upper deck. On 30 January, McCaffery got underway for Guam, arrived at Apra Harbor, Guam on 4 February. After refueling, McCaffery got underway to rendezvous with USS Fred T. Berry (DD-858), USS Norris (DD-859), and USS Harwood (DD-861). Conducting exercises en route, McCaffery arrived at Pearl Harbor on 12 February. After embarking Navy and Marine Corps personnel as passengers, McCaffery got underway for San Diego, and passengers were disembarked on arrival on 21 February. McCaffery got underway on 1 March for GQ, fire, collision, and abandon ship exercises.

On 11 March, CDR B.W. Sarver relieved CDR B.B. Cheatham as commanding officer.

McCaffery operated in and out of port until 31 March, when she got underway for San Clemente Island. On 1 April, McCaffery commenced operations with various ships and submarines, and continued to operate in the San Diego area until 6 May. On 7 May, McCaffery headed for San Francisco, arrived on 8 May, departed on 12 May, and headed for Bremerton, Washington. Ammunition was off-loaded on 15 May prior to entering The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for a drydock availability. On 30 May, the Shipyard observed Memorial Day with a 21-gun salute, and McCaffery joined in by lowering her colors to half staff during the salute. On 14 June, the CDR Sarver presented the Presidential Unit Citation to A.D. Phillips, BM1, for service on USS Essex (CV-9). On 27 June, McCaffery entered dry dock until 30 July, when she was waterborne and moored to the pier. On 4 July, open house was held.

On 13 August, McCaffery conducted full power runs and drills while steaming north to Royal Roads, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She remained in the area until 26 August, when she steamed for San Diego, and arrived on 29 August. From 8 September through 26 September, McCaffery conducted training exercises in San Diego and San Clemente waters with the Tasks Group, and provided time for liberty in port. On 26 September, McCaffery steamed for San Francisco, remained for a few days, and returned to San Diego on 30 September. On 10 October, a fire control party was discharged by ship's board to Wilson Cove Landing.

On 25 October, McCaffery got underway for Los Angeles and arrived that same day. She then headed to San Pedro, joining various ships of COMDESRON 15 to prepare for Navy Day celebrations and to hold open house. From 28 September through 20 November, McCaffery conducted drills and plane guard duties. During the time in port, many crew members were transferred for discharge and replacements reported for duty. On 2 December, McCaffery got underway for Pearl Harbor, and arrived on 8 December. She was underway the next day for submarine maneuvers. On 19 December, McCaffery replenished with 100 gallons of fresh milk and 6,000 pounds of frozen provisions. McCAFFERY alternated in port and at sea until 26 December, when she steamed for Yokuska, Japan. 30 December was lost when she crossed the International Date Line.

On 31 December, McCaffery was at sea, steaming west-northwest in the North Pacific.

SOURCE: USS McCAFFERY -- 1945-1974 by Edward W. (Bill) Maslak