The History of the McCaffery - 1948


On 1 January 1948, McCaffery was at sea en route to Yokosuka, Japan. Commanding Officer - CDR B.W. Sarver

name On 5 January, McCaffery arrived at Yokosuka to commence her second tour of duty with western Pacific Forces. McCaffery got underway on 7 January heading south and west into the East China Sea, then north into the Yellow Sea for Tsingtao, China. McCaffery then participated in maneuvers with various ships off the China coast and in the Yellow Sea until 15 February. She then cruised south out of the Yellow Sea into the East China Sea to Okinawa. During the 2000-2400 watch on 1 February, while steaming out of Tsingtao, McCaffery lookouts sighted the Chinese merchantman, Ming Sing, 2,500 yards ahead and hard aground on a bay rock. A whaleboat was put into the water to render assistance to the distressed ship and rescue survivors. The boat returned with 18 survivors. There were no casualties. The large Harbor Tug, USS Nabigwon (YTB-521) came alongside to recover the survivors. McCaffery returned to port.

On 5 March, McCaffery successfully completed her Operational Readiness Inspection, and participated in Intensive training with TF 71 and JTF 71-38 through 25 April . McCaffery made a port call at Hong Kong on 27 April for five days. While underway on 5 May, she came to the assistance of the damaged USS LCI(L)-989, and began towing the LCI to Tsingtao, and arrived on 12 May. McCaffery remained two days in port, and then proceeded to Buckner Bay, Okinawa, and arrived on 16 May. McCaffery remained in port until 30 May when she got underway to avoid a typhoon that was threatening Okinawa.

Returning to Okinawa on 2 June, McCAFFERY got underway on the 4 June for Tsingtao, China, and operated in the area until 16 July. Then she steamed south and east en route to Apra Harbor, Guam, and arrived on 21 July. McCaffery disembarked two men for treatment at the hospital, and left immediately for Kwajalein Atoll. On 25 July, McCaffery participated in an exercise in which LST 661 was sunk by McCaffery's 20MM, 5 inch, and torpedo batteries. The LST was ultimately sunk by torpedo. Completing the exercise, McCAFFERY steamed north-northeast for Pearl Harbor, and arrived on 30 July.

In port only long enough to replenish the ship, McCaffery got underway for San Diego in company with USS IOWA (BB-61) and three cruisers. In sight of the west coast, IOWA and the cruisers steamed for San Francisco, while McCaffery continued to San Diego. During exercises with the group, McCaffery stood-by USS ASTORIA (CL-90) while she conducted salvage operations for an overturned aircraft. McCaffery arrived at San Diego on 7 August for an upkeep period through 31 October.

On 22 October in San Diego, CDR B.W. Sarver was relieved by CDR J.T. Wulff as commanding officer of USS McCaffery.

Between 31 October and 22 November, McCaffery visited Bellingham, Washington, and San Francisco with USS RENDOVA (CVE-114) and USS TUSON (CLAA-98). It was during this period that McCaffery participated in NORFLEXPAC, a large scale operation in which the naval force simulated an attack on the west coast of the United States. On 11 November, McCaffery was detached long enough to perform search and rescue of aircraft from the USS VALLEY FORGE (CV-45). The search was unsuccessful. McCaffery arrived at San Diego 23 November.

On 31 December 1948, McCaffery was moored at San Diego, California.

SOURCE: USS McCAFFERY -- 1945-1974 by Edward W. (Bill) Maslak