The History of the McCaffery - 1955


On 1 January, McCaffery was moored at Newport, Rhode Island. Commanding Officer - CDR J.E. Miller

On 24 January, McCaffery conducted exercises in the Newport operating area for a couple of days, and returned to Newport, R.I. On 14 February, McCaffery got underway for Kingston, Jamaica. On 15 February, McCaffery participated in a search with USS Leyte (CVS-32) for two downed F4U aircraft. Although additional main deck and bridge lookouts were set using spot lights, there is no report of the succes of the search.

On 26 February, McCaffery tied-up to the Princess Street Warf at Kingston. On 2 March, McCaffery got underway for San Juan, Puerto Rico, and on 12 March, she arrived at Target Bay, Culebra Island. Gunnery exercises were conducted at the shore bombardment area. On 13 March, McCaffery arrived at Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas, to pickup crewmen returning from temporary shore duty. McCaffery continued operating in the Culebra Island area. On 21 March McCaffery got underway for Newport, R.I., and arrived on 28 March.

On 1 April, McCaffery proceeded to the Boston Naval Shipyard, and on 15 April went into dry dock for inspection of the propellers and shafts. On 25 April, McCaffery left dry dock, and returned to Newport on 30 April.

On 2 May, McCaffery got underway for Lisbon, Portugal, in company with: USS Leyte (CVS-32); USS Salem (CA-139); USS Diamond Head (AE-19); USS Aggressive (MSO-422); USS Bold (MSO-424); USS Bulwark (MSO-425); USS Exploit (MSO-440). (MSO - Minesweeper Ocean, non-magnetic). While underway, the port engine was secured due to an unusual sound in the reduction gear. It was determined that this sound occurred during a sharp turn to port. However, McCaffery continued steaming without incident. On 18 May, McCaffery arrived at Lisbon. After a couple of days for replenishment, she got underway for the return trip to Newport, and arrived on 25 May.

On 11 July, McCaffery got underway for exercises in the Newport operating area. When she returned to port on 16 July, she tied up to the carrier pier at the U.S. Naval Air Station, Quonset Point, R.I.

From 25 July through 30 December, McCaffery conducted exercises in and out of port from Newport, New York, New Bedford, Block Island, Long Island Sound, and Melville.

On 31 December 1955, McCaffery was moored at Fall River, Massachusetts.

SOURCE: USS McCAFFERY -- 1945-1974 by Edward W. (Bill) Maslak