History of the McCaffery - 1968


On 1 January 1968, McCaffery was moored at Mayport, Florida. Commanding Officer - CDR W.W. Jordan, Jr.

McCaffery remained moored at Mayport for the month of January. On 9 February, she got underway for San Juan, Puerto Rico. McCaffery conducted exercises in the San Juan area through 22 February, and visited various ports in the Carribean. She returned to Mayport on 26 February.

On 5 March, McCaffery transferred two DASH drones to Yellowstone (AD-27). On 8 March, McCaffery got underway for Cape Kennedy with several guests from the USO, St. Augustine, Florida. While underway for Cape Kennedy, a general alarm was sounded due to a problem with the gyro. On 9 March, McCaffery arrived at Cape Kennedy, remained moored there until 26 March, and then returned to Mayport.

On 1 May, McCaffery got underway for a special operation at Port Canaveral, Florida, and returned to Mayport on 3 May. On 4 May, eighteen inches of water was discovered in the main hedgehog projectile magazine. The water was leaking from a fire main in an adjacent compartment, and repaired. On 15 May, Captain D.B. Bryan, senior member, U.S. Naval Sub-board of Inspection and Survey, Charleston, S.C., came aboard for inspection. McCaffery remained moored in Mayport, shifting berths several times. On 1 June, McCaffery got underway for the overnight voyage to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to serve as gun support ship and plane guard for Forrestal (CVA-59). During the midwatch, McCaffery conducted a bathythermograph drop. Results were good. Operating out of Guantanamo Bay, McCaffery conducted various exercises until 12 June. With Forrestal, she then began the voyage to Mayport, arrived on 16 June, and moored alongside Sarsfield (DD-837). The Roosevelt (CVA-42) was also present at Mayport.

McCaffery remained at Mayport through July and August. On 11 September, McCaffery got underway for the Charleston Naval Shipyard, S.C. On 14 September, two class "C" fires were reported in the ship's laundry and the shore power connection box. Both fires were controlled. On 21 October, McCaffery entered dry dock to repair two small leaks, and returned to moor at a pier. On 27 November, inspection of welds in the forward engine room was performed by technicians using an Iridium 192 Radiography source. Gamma radiography has the capability to identify flaws in welded joints as well as to indicate structural anomalies due to corrosion or mechanical damage. (Results of this examination are unknown.)

On 31 December 1968, McCaffery was moored at the Charleston Naval Shipyard.

SOURCE: USS McCAFFERY -- 1945-1974 by Edward W. (Bill) Maslak