Photos from the 1950s


ETs Sep 1956 (L-R)Bobier, Rose, Aiken, Weldon
Underway - shift colors
Backing into Narragansett Bay

'Crossing the Line' Ceremony
40° 55' W longitude - 28 January 1957

Since it was Wog Day, King Neptune appeared with his royal court, which consisted of her Highness Amphitrite, his first assistant Davy Jones, and the royal baby, to perform the ceremony of 'Crossing the Line' to all slimy Pollywogs (a seaman who has not crossed the equator) on board. The ceremony require Wogs to crawl to the court, and then stand before the court to answer charges brought against them. Wogs then kneel before King Neptune, kiss the royal baby's belly, and are taken for a royal bath. At this point, the Wogs must shout 'Shellback' three times, while being dunked in the bath, to be transformed into trusty Shellbacks.

Shown in the picture (L-R) Her Highness Amphitrite, Lt. Will Rich; Queen, Chief Mixture;
King Neptune, ?; Royal Baby, Norton; Davy Jones, ?