Photos from the 1950s


Heavy Weather
USS Norris DDE859
Into the Sunset

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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Cruise
July - August, 1956

Approaching USS Wisconsin BB-64
Alongside Wisconsin BB-64 - 18 July 1956
Refueling exercise
USS Albany CL123 - 16 July 1956
Bull fight in Barcelona
Group on Liberty in sidewalk cafe - Barcelona
DesDiv 241 berth - July 1956
replica of Santa Maria - Columbus' ship
street scene
Statue of Columbus pointing to DESDIV berth - Barcelona
Queen Mother's birthday, Greenock, Scotland - 4 Aug 1956
Greenock - street scene
(L-R)Al Bobier, Jerry Rose, Chief John Aiken, Frank Wellman
USS Harwood DDE 861 - July 1956
August 1956

South American Cruise
4 January - 21 March 1957

Single up all lines, Pier 1, Newport - 4 Jan 1957
Cast off all lines - shift colors - underway
Backing into Narragansett Bay
Offshore, Venezuela - Jan/1957
berth at La Guaira, Venezuela
The port of La Guaira on the north coast of Venezuela
Visit by US Ambassador to Venezuela
US Ambassador to Venezuela visit
Group of guys on Liberty & two airline stewardesses
Tamanaco Hotel, Caracas, Venezuela
Visitors - Cub Scouts
Venezuelan sailors
Venezuelan naval ship
Approaching US Naval Air Station, Trinidad
Refueling stop, Trinidad - January 1957
"O" Division pollywogs

'Crossing the Line' Ceremony
40° 55' W longitude - 28 January 1957

Since it was Wog Day, King Neptune appeared with his royal court, which consisted of her Highness Amphitrite, his first assistant Davy Jones, and the royal baby, to perform the ceremony of 'Crossing the Line' to all slimy Pollywogs (a seaman who has not crossed the equator) on board. The ceremony require Wogs to crawl to the court, and then stand before the court to answer charges brought against them. Wogs then kneel before King Neptune, kiss the royal baby's belly, and are taken for a royal bath. At this point, the Wogs must shout 'Shellback' three times, while being dunked in the bath, to be transformed into trusty Shellbacks.

Shown in the picture (L-R) Her Highness Amphitrite, Lt. Will Rich; Queen, Chief Mixture;
King Neptune, ?; Royal Baby, Ed Norton; Davy Jones, (?)
Sing for the Royal Court, Pollywog!
I told you guys - I'm a civilian!
Go see the Doc to improve your situation!
Sugar Loaf Mountain as seen when entering Rio harbor
The road at the base of the Corcovado Mountain
The road to the summit of the Corcovado Mountain
Tour of the Statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer
The Statue of Christ on the Corcovado Mountain
Looking up from the parking lot
Observation deck & Restaurant below the Statue
Tour group at the statue looking down on Rio de Janiero
Approaching the berth, Montevideo, Uruguay
Looking over Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo tour bus
Dale Derby, Nick, Griggy
Montevideo "main drag"
Montevideo visitors line up to tour the ship
Puerto Belgrano, Argentine Naval Base
Mar del Plata arrival
Mar del Plata visitors
Mar del Plata visitors
Buenos Aires, Argentina arrival
Buenos Aires visitors
Underway from Buenos Aires for Newport, 6 March 1957

Mediterrean Cruise
12 August - 21 December 1957

Gibraltar - 21 August 1957
Alongside USS Wasp CVS-18 to refuel - Med Cruise 1957
Replenish ship - Med Cruise 1957
Roman Viaducts - Izmir, Turkey - 12 Sep/57
Street scene - Izmir, Turkey
Swim Call near the island of Crete Sep/57
Ship's Office group w/Nick Donatiello, Bob Lomas, & others
Highline transfer scene
Crew member air lifted to carrier for medical attention
Suez Canal - Oct/57
Underway through the Suez Canal - Oct/57
Arial view of Suez Canal
Bitter Lake, part of Suez Canal - Oct/57
Bitter Lake, part of Suez Canal - Oct/57
A second canal has been added to allow 2-way traffic
USS T. Roosevelt, CVN-71, in Suez Canal
Modern day traffic in Suez Canal
Snuffy Kingera, Jim Madden, & Jerry Rose - 1 Nov 1957
Traveling to Azmara, Ethiopia - Nov/57
Traveling to Azmara, Ethiopia - Nov/57
Asmara, Ethiopia - Nov/57
Azmara, Ethopia - Nov/57
Asmara, Ethiopia - Nov/57
Roy Hammond & Jerry Rose in marketplace - Aden, Yemen - 14 Oct 1957
Rhodes, Greece liberty - 27 Nov 1957


Puerto Rico beach - Feb/58
Puerto Rico beach - Feb/58
At the beach - Feb/58
Nick Donatiello's cubby - Feb/58
Guide missile Regulus alongside McCaffery - Apr/58
Guided missile Regulus - Apr/58
Structural Test with depth charges - Apr/58
Structural Test with depth charges
Structural Test with depth charges