The McCaffery Shipmates Association Reunions
The 1980s


   1st Reunion - 1982

   2nd Reunion - 1984

   3rd Reunion - 1987

Spotswood, New Jersey

Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Norfolk, Virginia

At least eight shipmates (plus their guests) attended the meeting held at the American Legion Hall in Spotswood.

This reunion was planned and coordinated by Gordon Leiser

There were 114 shipmates and guests attended this reunion which was held at the Ramada Inn.

Also, present -
CDR E. H. McDowell, commanding officer (1949 - 1950) and
CDR J. E. Miller, commanding officer (1954 - 1956)

Guest of honor was
Rear Admiral G. R. Muse, commanding officer of McCaffery (1952 - 1954).
Also present: CDR R. D. Fisher, commanding officer (1960 - 1961) and
CDR W. W. Jordan, commanding officer (1967 - 1969),
and ENS R. G. Buechler, who served on McCaffery (1948 - 1951).